Go Green By Using LED Christmas Bulbs And Be A Part Of Environment Friendly World

It’s no mystery that LED Christmas lights are a much better options for decorating your house than standard incandescent bulbs. Do your role for the earth and switch your inefficient lights with these wonders of engineering.

Christmas lights add a beautiful touch of cheer during a magical holiday season. There is a green option for those seeking an energy efficient, ecological way to light up their homes this holiday season – LED Christmas lights. Many cities and towns have decided to switch their communities’ public holiday lighting to LED (Light Emitting Diode). Having a 90% reduction in energy use, along with vivid, clear color, you will want to switch, too.

These lights use about one-tenth of the power of regular Christmas lights. LED Christmas lights stay cool and trendy to the touch and lack a filament that burns out in the way regular bulbs do. The synthetic epoxy coating covering the LED is thicker compared to the glass on regular bulbs, so the LED lamps strings are less likely to have broken bulbs. This means, forget about looking for the one burned out or broken bulb that is destroying the appearance of the whole string!

For several years, LEDs were only available in red and white. The full variety of colors available in today’s LED lights offers green, blue, and even purple. Fortunately they are available in blinking versions, for the twinkling effect. Today’s LEDs are glittery than they were years ago. Since these lights use LED bulbs instead of incandescent, the colors are clearer, lacking the yellowy tinge with incandescent bulbs. The clearer brightness also means you will be getting an even greater radiance for the small amount of energy used by LED bulbs. They are available in a variety of styles as well as tints. Christmas trees are available that are pre-lit with LEDs.

LED lights contain an up to 20-year lifespan. The strings are long-lasting lights that will be a good investment for you, giving you years of continuous use. Since you will be upgrading your light strings far less often, LED lights cut down your input to the waste stream. Of course, the ease of knowing your lights perhaps lasted another year will also reduce your holiday decorating frustration!

Since LED bulbs are so strong and energy efficient – free of the heat produced by incandescent bulbs, LED Lights lend themselves to a better multitude of decorating alternatives than ordinary Christmas lights.

You can place the strings around windows and along mantelpieces. They can be used inside fresh greens with much less risk of a fire accident due to their cool temperature. You can also access an idea from efficient ice museums – use your LED lights strings around ice sculptures as well as snow sculptures. The cooler temperatures imply that you can light an ice decoration, or the snowman made by the children without increasing the chance of melting.

When you decorate with LED Christmas Lights, you can be assured that you are choosing the sustainable, green option. Because they use 1/10 the energy of regular Christmas lights, you can decorate with the comfort that you will not only be adding beauty for the winter, but not breaking the beauty of the earth in the future.

John Reid is, an electrician and advocate in living Green, been helping to promote high quality LED light bulbs products to consumers in saving energy and money just by changing incandescent bulbs to LED light bulbs. Get the full story and reap the rewards TODAY at

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