Prevent Air Pollution By Making Use Of Trees

The atmospheric layers of the atmosphere are composed from mostly nitrogen and oxygen, and act as a security blanket around the earth. The percentage of nitrogen to oxygen is contained in the atmospheric layers. The atmosphere captures radiant heat from solar beams and keeps the temperature of the planet stable: warm enough to support animal and vegetative life, and brisk enough to maintain the water in the seas.

As we all know, air pollution wreaks havoc on the atmosphere, and this pollution hurts our island earth home. Many everyday activities produce air emissions that pollute our environment. Energy consumption, which comprises the burning of fuels such as gasoline, and coal, removes oxygen to burn and replaces it with contaminants that collect underneath the atmosphere. Even human breathing produces contaminants because we exhale carbon dioxide. Thank heaven for trees because they “eat” this pollution by taking the CO2 out of the air and “exhale” oxygen. Even the use of electricity generates air emissions that strip away pieces of our atmosphere and “tears holes” in the blanket. Pollution adds another blanket to the earth under the atmosphere, and, hence, it intensifies the planet temperature, increases global warming issues, and destroys the fragile nitrogen to oxygen balance.

This all sets up for why it is so important to use trees to prevent air pollution. By taking away the CO2 in the atmosphere, trees take away the pollution blanket that threatens earth’s temperature. Additionally, by replacing the carbon dioxide with oxygen, trees restore the nitrogen to oxygen balance and ensure enough oxygen for respiring. Trees planted along Interstate roads help soak up the pollution of the traffic, but they help the atmosphere another way too. Trees have to have their roots protected. Providing a ring of mulch around trees decreases the quantity of grass that has to be cut. This implies less fuel burned and less pollution resulting from tractors with exhaust systems that do not have controlled emissions.

Also, though sidewalk trees are planted to embellish streets, they are doing triple duty. Trees reduce the need to run pollution-coughing grass mowers and the pollution caused by the trucks that deliver them. Finally, sidewalk trees pull smoke pollution out of the air from the sidewalk citizens.

Trees make great shade for your house and reduce your necessity for using a cooling system. Also, when you landscape a yard with small trees and plants, you are able to visually trim your yard size. When you reduce energy, you produce less air pollution; try turning off the cooling system and sit under the shadow of a great oak! You can also try recycling the leaves that fall from trees in fall to make mulch. Making natural mulch from fallen leaves makes the landscaped and local plants healthier. Do your part for the earth by utilizing healthy, blossoming plants so they can “eat” more pollution and “exhale” more oxygen!

Southeast Texas Trees provides distinguishable arbor care. This service supplies key information that pertains to the way to prevent air pollution and strategies to use regarding global warming issues.

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