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These days many doors possess an automated system of opening the door. It is meant to aid the whole operation of opening and closing the door automatically. This is a true modern convenience, but what should you do, if you push the button and nothing happens, the garage door will not go up or down, and the lights will not turn on.

Trust me, the door will not open if you are caught up in such a situation. What you need to do first is assess the situation. Do you have the power to open the garage door? Is there something blocking the eye of the garage door opener? May be the chain of the door is being blocked by some obstacle and that is why it is not opening? Or the whole setting of the door opener has been interrupted by something? Is there need for removing some few tools form the opener. The last thing you should check is the battery in your garage door opener. May be a new battery might be crucial in solving all your problems. Check and see if you can open the garage door again.

After doing all this, open the door once again. You still can open the door manually. Just because the automated system for the door has failed, you will have to opt for the manual system now. You still need to check one more area. You have already checked everything on the inside of the garage, and you know for sure. However, the interior is not the problem. Checking on the exterior of the door will give you a clue on the cause of the mal-function.

This implies that you will take some good time while fixing the door. You will have to disconnect the garage door opener. Look out for the emergency cord that is found on the door opener. The emergency cord is what you use to open the automated door opener after unplugging it. All you have to do now is lift the garage door straight up until it is fully open and in the proper place.

Now you can exit the garage, pull down door. Now the garage door is not locked, may want to lock it. When power returns remember to unlock door before using opener. Now knowing that there are a few things, you can do yourself before calling in a professional to open your garage door. When you feel like you have done enough, contact a professional. After you know for sure that there is nothing wrong with the power.

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Garage doors can get costly.This makes its maintenance, regardless of whether it is used or new, equally necessary.Garage doors are often times taken for granted in homes and are only given attention once they stop functioning.It is therefore advised that one invests in and maintains his garage doors before they get totally unusable.

Here are 3 easy and simple steps to keep your garage doors in tip top condition.

Step #1 – Check door alignment and loose parts

The first thing you should do in garage door maintenance is to investigate the alignment of the door and check for loose parts.The door eventually loosens due to the number of times it is opened and closed.To prevent this, garage doors need to get checked and adjusted twice a year.Due to use, parts like hinges, cables, springs, levers, tracks and rollers get misaligned over time.Use tools to tighten screws, nuts, and bolts that have loosened as these can also cause misalignment of tracks.

Usually, realigning the lock bar can solve problems with garage door locks.To do this, simply remove the screws and adjust it.Get help from an expert especially if tools and screws are not your cup of tea.

Step #2 – Apply lubricants to keep it moving

Rollers and tracker usually run smoothly when lubricants are applied.Moving parts needs to be lubricated to maintain functionality.It is recommended to use lightweight oil such as WD-40 to do the trick.Remember that rollers and trackers play important parts when doors move up and down.When both start emitting screeching sounds, apply lubricants straightaway.To protect against damage, strips along the the base also need to be included.When damaged, these parts need to be replaced.

Step #3 – Monitor regularly

The maintenance of your garage doors does not only entail alignment and lubrication.It needs to be regularly and consistently monitored. Other maintenance includes painting of doors to prevent the door from damage against weather and other factorsReplacement must be done for parts that are badly damaged and loose connections should be adjusted with the aid of a technician.Make sure to keep the interiors of your garage doors clean as well.Get rid of cobwebs, dirt, leaves, and other debris that block the functionality of your garage door.

Waiting for when it’s already too late can cost you more.Don’t wait for your garage door to stop functioning before applying necessary garage door maintenance.The steps above, if followed, can help make your garage door stay at its finest.

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There are things to check when your garage door won’t work. Examine the entire door especially if it doesn’t work well.

If your garage door won’t close, you can check the wirings and see if they are working well.There are instances when these wirings are not properly connected.Doors won’t function well due to bad wiring so try moving the wires.If the sensor lights are flickering then it might have a faulty connection.Sensors keep the door from hitting your items and damaging your properties.For safety, make sure to unplug the doors before touching the wires.Splicing the wires may work.{Make sure that the polarity is checked so they must be placed back in their original places and tape them.Check the polarity, return it to where it was and secure it with a tape.} Plug the door again and check for changes.If after the wires have been adjusted but the flickering continues and still the garage door won’t close, a replacement is necessary.

Most of the time, doors won’t close because something is blocking the sensor.It can be cobwebs, leaves, and small things in the garage or even the edge of the stack of things that you have in your garage.The remedy is simple, keep yor garage clean.Make sure that there are no obstructions in the sensors to make your garage door open and close properly.Also check for anything hanging as they me obstruct the sensors.These things must be taken off so that the door would work more efficiently.

Sometimes, doors won’t close because the sensors are not aligned.As doors are used often, the vibration can cause the misalignment. A sensor can loosen due to frequent movement of the doors.Loosen the wing nut and align the sensors.Tighten them afterwards to retain the desired position.

A door that won’t close can either be personally repaired or referred to a professional.Before even starting, ask yourself if this is something you can handle.There is nothing worse than making the problem bigger or getting injured as you work on.

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