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There are things to check when your garage door won’t work. Examine the entire door especially if it doesn’t work well.

If your garage door won’t close, you can check the wirings and see if they are working well.There are instances when these wirings are not properly connected.Doors won’t function well due to bad wiring so try moving the wires.If the sensor lights are flickering then it might have a faulty connection.Sensors keep the door from hitting your items and damaging your properties.For safety, make sure to unplug the doors before touching the wires.Splicing the wires may work.{Make sure that the polarity is checked so they must be placed back in their original places and tape them.Check the polarity, return it to where it was and secure it with a tape.} Plug the door again and check for changes.If after the wires have been adjusted but the flickering continues and still the garage door won’t close, a replacement is necessary.

Most of the time, doors won’t close because something is blocking the sensor.It can be cobwebs, leaves, and small things in the garage or even the edge of the stack of things that you have in your garage.The remedy is simple, keep yor garage clean.Make sure that there are no obstructions in the sensors to make your garage door open and close properly.Also check for anything hanging as they me obstruct the sensors.These things must be taken off so that the door would work more efficiently.

Sometimes, doors won’t close because the sensors are not aligned.As doors are used often, the vibration can cause the misalignment. A sensor can loosen due to frequent movement of the doors.Loosen the wing nut and align the sensors.Tighten them afterwards to retain the desired position.

A door that won’t close can either be personally repaired or referred to a professional.Before even starting, ask yourself if this is something you can handle.There is nothing worse than making the problem bigger or getting injured as you work on.

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