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It is undeniable that a healthy lawn has a lot to offer to your home. In fact, its benefits go beyond increasing the value of your residential property. Far more important is its ability to improve the health and vitality of the family, among many other benefits that anyone can easily pinpoint. But along with the plethora of known benefits is the need to care for the lawn to make sure it does what it is supposed to do. And part of what you have to pay attention to as a homeowner is the need for lawn repair. You should be able to determine when it is necessary to repair your lawn. One of the lawn conditions you should look into are bare patches. Bare patches can be caused by a number of factors such as thorough raking, lack of nutrient supply, and heavy traffic from kids’ and or dogs playing. But even if any of these can greatly affect the appearance of your lawn, you should be glad with the fact that whatever damage has been done can still be repaired.

A basic aspect you need to know when thinking of doing the repair is proper timing. Experts and professionals recommend that spring is the ideal time for seed germination. This is to say that spring up until autumn is ideal for lawn seeding. But don’t forget that if the bare spots are less than a foot in diameter, you may have to reconsider doing the repair, as this space can be filled up by the surrounding grass in a month or so. However if it is more than a foot, then an action must be done. There should be reseeding of the gaps to avoid weeds and moss from taking over the soil. In addition, before the actual repair, one should bear in mind that the new grass seed should complement the existing one so a nice blend would result. Again, similar to the initial grass seeding, it pays to invest in good quality seeds. While it may cost more, you can expect it to perform better.

The guidelines used for initially planting the lawn can be applied with the reseeding of the bare spots, which would all commence with soil preparation. And similar to how you managed grass seed germination before, you should ensure that you also supply your newly planted grass seeds with sufficient water. The rule of thumb for successful germination is to keep the soil moist. If you can find a tool like a grass stitcher, the whole process would be much easier and the better results can be expected.

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