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Kitchen counters can be gotten in all shapes and colours, and they are made from numerous materials. When selecting a material for you counter, there are a large number of things for you to consider. Kitchen countertops are installed to last for several years and even decades, so you’ve got to make one final choice, on which large part of your home life will rely.

Granite and quartz worktops are but the most craved-for. First, their charming natural appearance is a shot through the heart for beauty-loving home owners. Second, both granite and quartz countertops are powerful and heat-resistant and so they appear to last for all eternity. Third, they don't need difficult maintenance.

At the exact same time, there are one or two heavy differences between the two.

Quartz countertops a crafted from built stone sheets, which consist about 90 percent of quartz crystals and about 10 % of a resin binder. Quartz counters come in a broad range of solid colors and, unlike granite countertops, boast consistency and uniformity. It is far easier to pick up a quartz counter to match your interior than a granite one, since there is a limited amount of colours for granite counters and they're not as uniform as are quartz counters. Seams are less visible in quartz counters.

Designed quartz is not permeable and so more stain-resistant. Granite is a porous stone and so more certain to stain permanently without due care. It is way easier to get rid of food and liquids from quartz surface than from granite. Quartz counters don't need any harsh cleaners. Granite countertops don't either. A bit of soapy water and a sponge will do the job. You ought to be a little more careful choosing a cleaner for a granite countertop, because aggressive and abrasive cleaning agents may damage the sealant and expose the surface to stains. So as to keep granite clean and stain-free, it's got to be sealed at least biannually. Quartz counters don't require sealing.

Granite is far less springy than engineered quartz. If you drop a heavy object on a granite counter, it is likelier to crack than a quartz counter.

Granite countertops VA are more heat sensitive. If you fail to utilize a trivet or a cutting board, traces of your work may remain forever. Though quartz counters need the same careful attitude, they are still more refurbishable and sure to keep their beauty.

Installing a granite countertop is tough. Please, do not try to fix it on your own and call a professional. Because granite is a heavy stone, granite counters require a specific support structure. Although quartz counters are easier and less expensive to mend, it is usually recommended that you use qualified help.

Learn the most important difference between granite counter and quartz counters, and how it can make your kitchen pretty

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Are you in search of bathroom remodeling ideas? Imagine the look of a brand new bathroom.

New installations, brand-new tub, and streamlined counter tops and your brand-new bathroom will showcase all of them! Simply follow a few simple tips in this article to realize your dream bathroom!


Renovating your bathroom can be a daunting and expensive task as it requires specialized trade services such as plumbing, tiling, and electrical work. Time, money and complexity are the biggest factors you’ll need to consider. To avoid cramping your bathroom, design a rough layout of your new bathroom by measuring the room’s dimensions. The optimal design for a bathroom will allow for plenty of movement for individuals as well as  adequate room to open cabinets. Try to get ideas for your design by looking in home design magazines, catalogs and looking online.

Hire a Professional vs DIY

The final analysis should be based on budget, function and style. Specialist renovators may handle the whole restoration procedure for you, in addition to all of the features of the project from porcelain tile selection to the required tradesman. You could simply use their consultation services and track down the right tradesperson (such as plumbers, tile installers, painters and electricians) to do the job for you.  If money is tight and you are looking for more of a do it yourself project, read more.

Important Considerations


Cost Analysis

Plumbing: Unless the layout of your bathroom isn’t wholly functional, try to keep the new fixtures in the same general location to minimize costs.

Focus: Try to single out a feature where your money is put to its best use. As an example, You can switch out an aged vanity with a modern glass and wood vanity with wall mounted faucets. To balance the price of the more expensive item, you might choose less expensive tub fixtures, flooring and wall surface tiles.

Usability and Function

Whether the bathroom is shared by a couple or the whole family, a few functional tactics can help keep the bathroom from becoming a war room.

It could be very valuable to get the help of an expert designer to make best use of the space and tweak the format. If you do not desire to go to this expenditure, keep in mind the standard points of bathroom design and avoid the positioning of the toilet opposite the entrance door, enable a lot of space for the shower-screen and entrance doors to open up easily, and provide plenty of storage space.

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Like the majority of things in the free-trade world of capitalism, consumers often get what they are investing in with regards to bathroom remodeling phoenix projects. If you desire shoddy workmanship, inferior materials, time cuts that cost the project both when it comes to the appearance And the durability of the project, and a remodeling phoenix design that will oftentimes leave much to be desired, then go ahead and hire a freelance handyman, your sibling’s son and his friends, or even a fly-by-night home remodeling phoenix service that gives amazing prices that just seem too good to be true. Chances are, those prices are too good to be true.

Professional men and women who make their living repairing, replacing, installing and designing bathrooms and bathroom remodel projects tend to operate in comparable neck of the woods price-wise. It is because professional remodelers know the going price for building materials, lighting and plumbing fixtures in addition to simply how much time it should take them to complete the toilet remodeling phoenix project. When someone is available in considerably lower that other bidders on a remodeling phoenix job, you really need to consider how they could offer such work so inexpensively. There are many options:

The remodeler can be an amateur who does maybe not yet know the value of their time with regards to labor efforts
The remodeler is eager for work and thus will undersell their services, which means they will not be excited about the project and will often times simply take a lot longer to perform it. Or vice versa, with bad results in terms of quality.
The remodeler is purchasing inferior materials, sometimes even used materials from other past projects, to reduce the cost of the project bid so that you can have the job.

Suffice it to say, it is critical to choose a professional for bathroom remodeling phoenix projects because otherwise one of the following is going to be the outcome of the project:

Lacking estimation skills, the project will require considerably longer to perform than promised, or the project will end-up costing considerably more than originally quoted.
Growing distressed at the rising costs of the project or the extra time it really is taking, the remodeler will simply vanish – ceasing to come back calls or complete the project, although you’ve already paid for it at least partially.
Lacking real experience and expertise, the workmanship will appear shoddy, hackneyed or cheap and the customer will frequently need to hire another contractor to compete the task to adequate standards.

The bottom line is, one gets what they purchase with bathroom remodeling phoenix. Hiring a cheaper contractor might seem like advisable originally, however, if the worker does not have integrity to honor his / her promises and commitments, you while the paying customer will frequently get an inferior remodeling phoenix completion, or will end-up paying more than your highest bidder originally offered due to repairs and the need to hire another contractor afterwards to get the progress up to code and quality visually and functionally. Avoid being penny-wise and pound-foolish!

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