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We are able to harvest the power of the sun.  Incredible isn’t it? There are a couple of ways to heat your water and provide electricity via the sun, like, solar panels or photovoltaic cells. When we use fossil fuels to generate our power we besides make greenhouse gases that are fabulously damaging to our environment, causing contamination and untold hurt. In addition they are expensive, are running out and are not reliable. One of the best things about solar energy is that it can be put in a remote place, which cannot get supply from the grid. It is good for the environment because it is clean, non-polluting and silent.

The only premise is that it faces in the right direction, otherwise you can place it wherever you require to on your property. A bonus with the solar panels and photovoltaic cells, once they are installed, is that they do not demand attention because there are no moving parts. You can take away or add solar panels according to you wants. You can take them with you when you move home, by just unbolting them. You are not dependent upon utility companies when you opt for solar energy, which makes you more independent and self-sufficient. no matter where you are located.

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Solar energy can be generated in a few several ways so research in advance since it can be dear to set up initially. E.g. : the less dear – a stationary contraption called a fixed panel; the single axis mechanism is able to track the sun vertically or horizontally and is in the middle price-wise, and then there is the dual axis (the most costly selection) but able to track the sun in many ways. By selecting solar energy generation, you can take to be off grid, where you are not attached to the utility electricity grid. It is better to have, for example, a diesel generator for emergency situations. Alternatively, you can be tied to the grid and be linked to the utility electricity grid with the gain of being able to sell any over electricity back to the grid.

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At first glace the cost of installation seems to be prohibitive and is a key component in the decision-making procedure upon whether to use solar energy or not. With today’s economic climate, it is not good news. However, if you add up your usage and what you will gain by supplying any excess back to the grid, you can get your money back inside five years. Attend a course on how to fitl your own solar electricity set up and call the Energy Efficiency Officer at the local authority to see about any grants, they could save you some money. Avert any difficulties later on by enquiring about any planning permission you may need before you commence.

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Do your research into what is the proper choice for you and your position. Make solar energy generation work to your situation.

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